Mobile Car Crushing Service

Whether you’re an auto wrecker or just someone with a lot of cars, Southside Auto Wreckers and Mryglod Steel & Metals can be your one stop shop for your recycling needs. We have a mobile car crusher and fleet of trucks & trailers to process your ELV’s (end of life vehicles). Mryglod Steel & Metals can provide you with a customized recycling plan to take care of all of the scrap metals you may generate as an auto wrecker.

Automobiles are crushed to densify weight for transport. Vehicles to be crushed must have the following removed prior to crushing:

  • Fluids (e.g., fuel, motor oil, coolant, refrigerant, hydraulic fluids)
  • Batteries

Thanks to our mobile car-crushing equipment, we are able to serve auto dismantling yards, municipalities, and even individuals with large amounts of scrap cars, no matter the location.