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Vehicle Recycling and Used Auto/Truck Parts for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

At Southside Auto Wreckers, we offer many services spanning from vehicle and scrap recycling to used and new auto part sales. We have over 25 years of experience; let a business that has been in the industry for generations help you get what you need.

Used Parts

Quality Used Parts

The key to our used auto parts is quality. We inspect our used parts to ensure that they are ready to be installed in your vehicle. That way you can save money and not worry about buying inferior products nearing the end of their lifespan.

We sell quality used parts for automobiles and light, medium, and heavy trucks. We also sell used engines, transmissions, rear ends, power take-offs and hoists for trucks. Save some money with peace of mind and remember that at Southside Auto Wreckers, we’ll ship anywhere.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

Southside Auto Wreckers cares about our community and the environment. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly recycling company to handle your scrap metal and batteries, click here for more information.

Unwanted Vehicles

Unwanted Vehicles

Do you have a vehicle that you no longer want? Many dealerships will offer you little to nothing in trade-in value. Contact us at Southside Auto Wreckers about possibly bringing your unwanted vehicle to us. Where we can appraise the vehicle and offer you money for it. Possible towing arrangements available. From where you are to our yard!

All vehicles are recycled properly, which protects the environment. We are an environmentally friendly, family-owned business. Taking care of the community we live in is important to us. That’s why we take such care to make sure that every vehicle we recycle is done with the same standards we use to dispose of our scrap metal and batteries.

Body Parts

Body Parts

At Southside Auto Wreckers, we carry automotive and light to heavy duty truck body parts.

If you’re looking for specific or hard-to-find parts, you picked the right place! We carry new take-offs and used pick-up boxes, fenders, hoods, windshields/glass, tailgates for pickups, doors, and much more. Explore our catalogue of parts or give us a call to get what you need at the right price.


Wheels, Rims, Tires

If you’re looking for tires or rims, consider our used and new take off options. If we don’t have the right used or take off tire/rim for your vehicle, we will help you find them. Explore our parts today.

We also sell wheels/rims and tires for light, medium, and heavy trucks, as well as semi-trucks and trailers.

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